About Us

We are dedicated to providing a more accessible debate tournament experience; that's why we chose to move the tournament experience online. We provide a quality national debate tournament experience at a fraction of the cost.

Our Team


David Childree

Director of Tournaments

David has 20 years of experience in teaching and coaching speech and debate. He has had 7 national champions, and he has coached 9 students to become #1 debaters in the nation. He has coached over 200 students to Debate Nationals in the US. He was founding member of the faculty of the Harvard University summer institutes for debate, and he has also directed and coached at the Wake Forest University summer debate institute in North Carolina, debate programs in Florida, and China as well. His debate experience covers 15 different debate and public speaking formats.

Allan Jiang

Director of Technology

Allan graduated in Computer Science from Stanford University. Formerly, he was a software engineer at IBM and Twitter and a research assistant at the Stanford AI Lab. During high school, he competed in public forum debate, and was VP of Enloe's speech and debate team.

Affiliated Coaches and Support

Read our LD judge paradigms here.


Vy Mai

Stephen Lee

How will our online tournaments work?

Each tournament will follow NSDA rules and our honor code.

During the tournament, general communications between tournament staff and attendees will run through Slack.

Personal notifications, such as reminders that a round will begin, or receiving your ballots after a tournament, will be done through email. Debate rounds will use Motif's debate platform.

Motif's debate platform uses innovative, in-house video conferencing technology so the whole experience can be optimized for debate.

Pairings will be posted on the tournament website, as well as a link to the room the debater must join to start their round. At the end of the tournament, there will be a quick awards ceremony on Slack, and each debater will receive their ballots electronically after the tournament ends.